How to Turn Off Dryer Buzzer

Step-by-Step Instructions For Disabling Dryer Buzzer on Kenmore Top-Down Washer Dryer:

  1. Disconnect your washer/dryer from the electrical outlet (very important to avoid getting electrical shock)
  2. Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the two large screws under the washer/dryer knob assembly
  3. As you are removing the 2nd screw make sure to hold the metal piece that the screws are keeping in place so that it doesn’t slam down
  4. After removing the two screws gently put down the outer metal piece exposing the inside of the dryer
  5. Next using the same Phillips screwdriver remove six additional screws that are now visible after removing the outer metal panel that are keeping the knob assembly in place
  6. After removing the screws hold the knob assembly from the bottom and slowly let the top portion come down towards you
  7. This will expose the washer/dryer controls and wires
  8. Clean up any dust and debris from the controls and wires with a compressed air canister or by hand.
  9. On the left hand side directly behind the dryer knob is where you want to look for the timer for the dryer
  10. On the timer control box you will see wires connected to terminals designated by a letter, you want to look for the terminal that is designated by the letter “H” towards the back of the control
  11. Go ahead and disconnect the black wire from the terminal labeled as “H” as this is the wire that is connected to the dryer buzzer which makes the annoying loud sound
  12. Next get a hold of some electrical tape and wrap the end of the wire with enough tape so that no metal is exposed and make sure that the wrap is nicely tight and secure
  13. Place the knob assembly back in place
  14. Screw the six screws back into the knob assembly screwing it on to the washer/dryer frame
  15. Lift the outer metal piece back up and then screw in the two larger screws
  16. You’re done.  No more annoying loud buzzer sound!!!
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