Microsoft Surface Laptop Review – The Best Windows Laptop?

Microsoft Surface Laptop on Amazon


The Microsoft Surface laptop fills the gap between the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and the Microsoft Surface Book.  The Surface laptop has a nice sleek design and its construction is very solid.  You can get the Microsoft Surface laptop starting at $999 for the 128GB SSD storage Intel Core i5 processor 4GB RAM model (if you are a student you can get a 10% discount).  However I actually recommend purchasing the $1,300 Core i5 256GB SSD laptop with 8GB of RAM over the $999 base model.  The laptop comes in the following four color options: platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue, and graphite gold.  One thing different about this laptop compared to others is the alcantara material that is covering the keyboard.  The other interesting thing about this laptop is that it has hidden omnisonic speakers with dolby audio premium sound that are actually hidden below the keyboard.  The sound from the speakers came in clear and had a good amount of bass in it.  One big drawback about this laptop is that it comes pre-installed with Windows 10S which limits you to installing apps from the Windows store.  The Windows store is just one big digital wasteland with not many good apps and most people will want to just install regular applications so this will not work well for most people.  I recommend that immediately after purchasing this laptop you upgrade to Windows 10 Professional which is absolutely free until 12/31/2017, but if you wait until after that there will be a $49 charge for the upgrade.  As far as weight the Core i5 version weighs about 2.76 lbs which is pretty good.  The high resolution on this laptop is very impressive and gives you a lot of real estate on your screen which made using the touchscreen enjoyable.  One of this laptops shortcomings is the lack of ports which only has a charging port, one USB port, a mini-Displayport, and an audio jack so that means you will probably need to purchase a USB hub to connect more devices.  The keyboard and trackpad were impressive and I felt like the keys on the keyboard pushed back a little which made typing a pleasant experience.  If I were to compare this in size and feel I would compare it to the Macbook Air, however the specs on the Microsoft Surface Laptop are superior to that of the Macbook Air specially when it comes to the screen with the very high resolution of the Surface Laptop.  I would definitely recommend this laptop for anyone looking at purchasing an Ultrabook style laptop as this has been one of best Windows based laptops that I have ever used.

Technical Specs:

Price: Starting at $999 ($899 with student discount)
Display: 13.5″ Screen, 2256 x 1404 Resolution, 3:2 Aspect Ratio, 3.4 Million Pixels
Processor: 7th Gen Core i5 or i7
Memory: 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB
Storage: Solid State Drive (SSD) options – 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB
Graphics: Intel HD 620 (i5), Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 (i7)
Ports: 1 x USB 3.0, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Mini Displayport, Surface Connect

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